Calligaro History

The company began its activity around the beginning of the 1900s, thanks to Mr. Calligaro Giosuè and his wife Mrs. Pinazza Eugenia.

Being a skillful and smart trader, in a few years he has managed to set up a new company from zero, making it grow exponentially. At first, he started trading the trunks of local woods, then he focused on their sawing in the local sawmills of Lozzo di Cadore to flow into the production of boards and semi-finished products.

In doing so, he maximized his development and trade directly selling the timber and all its final products by importing them mainly from neighboring Austria and distributing them throughout the national territory.

the second generation...

Further improvements have been carried out in 1970, when Mr. Calligaro's son, Francesco, started working in the company. Supporting the work and the experience of his father, he carried out his tasks with the same passion and dedication for timber that his father has always transmitted him since childhood.

Francesco was responsible for the creation of a modern company, spread on an area of 20,000 square meters, which led to a rapid and successful growth for the new company, now owing a large capacity of timber storage to be distributed throughout the national territory.

And the future...

At the beginning of the 2000s, Giosuè Calligaro's young grandson and Francesco's son, joined the company and he started working as a general assistant in the sawmill, during the summer season when he didn't go to school. His father Francesco, together with his grandfather Giosuè, taught him every single step of their work, with all their love, dedication and pleasure. His family taught him everything from assessing the forests’ standing plants to the sawing and recognizing the woody assessments.

The young Giosuè Calligaro immediately showed a great interest and began studying how to obtain finished products such as flooring or wall coverings from a simple trunk or table.

The innovative ideas of the young Giosuè led the company Calligaro Legnami to approach the international markets. The company has been growing exponentially, becoming, year after year, a reference within the sector it belongs to and a leading national industry in importing from all over the world.

Giosuè and his highly efficient staff are scrupulous disciples of Calligaro Legnami's founder, Mr. Giosuè, who all over these years has been at the helm of his company and has instilled in his collaborators a rousing curiosity for the knowledge about the challenging secrets of wood, together with the awareness of belonging to a prosperous and flourishing business reality and with the pride of having acquired a global recognition, thanks to many years of honorable activity.

The constant search for innovation and the use of modern and updated technologies in the processing and storage of goods, make the company Calligaro Legnami a cutting-edge organization, able to provide a product of excellent quality, while offering at the same time a careful and highly flexible service, able to satisfy even the most demanding customer. Moreover, the company is in perfect harmony with the environment.


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