Wood is our passion, culture and research.
Production and trade of timber since 1921


Calligaro Legnami is a large company, specialized in the production and trade of timber and its derivatives from 3 generations.

Founded in 1921, it recounts the experience and the tradition that has become passion, culture and research.

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Passion for wood since 1921

Calligaro Legnami, established in 1921 as a company producing and selling timber in the local market, now supplies over 3,500 customers in the wood sector in Italy.

Calligaro is now the ideal partner for operators who need to be able to stock in real time a stock that has no equal in Italy in terms of size and range.

Our beloved wood

Raw material

Wood is a living and evolving material. If well treated it returns warmth and well-being.


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At the gates of 100 years of experience in the wood sector, Calligaro continues to amaze his interlocutors by participating in international trade fairs and national events of greater interest. To be always updated, subscribe to our newsletter!





    AT THE DOORS of 100 years of experience in the wood sector, Calligaro Legnami enhancing the qualities of this natural material thanks ....


    A CADORE REALITY that values ​​a precious resource. Sustainability and new technologies are our corporate philosophy. Our products can be made to measure or have predefined measurements.


    FORESTS & TREES: a landscape resulting from the centuries-old relationship between the local community and its woodland heritage, which has formed a culture of wood and mountains.


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